Since May, the Activities staff has completed over 3200 combined gazebo, window, zoom, and facetime calls with resident families and friends!


Please see documents below for all policies for Emergent Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) - (Outbreak Response Plan)

Any questions, concerns and complaints regarding the outbreak response plan can go directly to the facility and speak to the receptionist and she will direct you to the appropriate department.

We also encourage you to leave a voicemail of all questions, concerns, and complaints at (732) 592 - 9403 or e-mail

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!

Current Cases at Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center: 0 positive residents & 1 positive staff members

Thursday April 8, 2021, we had an employee test positive for COVID-19. This employee was exposed to a family member who tested positive in the beginning of this week. As soon as the employee found out about the exposure, he/she reported it to us and was immediately tested and removed from the assignment to do the required quarantine. The tests results in the beginning of the week for both PCR and Antigen were negative. As per the recommendation of the Department of Health, we asked this employee to be rapid tested again 5 days after the negative result. The test was done on Thursday and resulted in a positive. As noted above, this employee was placed on quarantine as soon as the exposure was reported in the beginning of the week. This employee is currently the only person that is positive now from our facility. All other tests for both residents and staff on our weekly surveillance had negative results.

With the weekly Covid -19 testing results coming back we can now report that 0 residents tested positive for the COVID-19 virus; Currently there are 1 employees and 0 residents who are positive. ALL positive COVID residents are cohorted on our Jerusalem Unit, which we have dedicated as our Covid Unit. We continue to work with the Ocean County Health Department; our testing plan remains the same; for now, both residents and all employees will be tested weekly.

As a reminder, our voicemail line can be called 24/7; messages will be updated in the event there is a change with our COVID 19 status. The message will state the number of NEW positive results of staff and NEW positive results of residents. Every attempt will be made to update the phone line within 24 hours of the positive result being reported to us. The number is 732-592-9403. Please feel free to call this number anytime you like; do not leave a message after the beep because messages will not be monitored.

For any family members/guardians who still have not given consent for their loved one to have a flu vaccine, please reconsider! Flu vaccinations are so very important- and more so this year, with COVID-19 outbreaks. Please call your loved one's unit manager and inform them you are changing your minds regarding the flu vaccination- flu vaccines can save lives!

Have the BEST DAY that can be!!

BE WELL and SAFE for both you and all of your loved ones!

Our continued THANKS AND APPRECIATION for all you do!

Have a great day!

Shimi Falik, LNHA

Dear Families,

Its been a long and hard winter. A longer and harder year. I write to you with great news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are at the threshold of the end of that tunnel.

On March 11, 2021, CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services), the Federal agency that oversees Long Term Care facilities, issued a directive instructing that facilities start opening for visitation. On March 18, 2021 the NJ State Department of Health sent a memo notifying facilities that they will be issuing guidance on safely re-opening indoor visits. On March 24th the NJ DOH convened a webinar with all the facilities and discussed the new indoor visitation rules and regulations.

As a result of these new guidelines, Leisure Chateau is happy to inform you that we are in the process of developing visitation protocols to accommodate indoor visits that comply with the new guidelines. At the same time, we continue weekly testing of all residents and bi weekly testing of all staff as per the DOH.

In the mean time, we are re-opening the outdoor gazebo visitation effective Tuesday, March 30 2021. If testing of residents and staff result in 100% negative results for Covid, we will then open for indoor visits the following week, 4/4/2021.

The good news is that now not only will you be allowed to visit the resident, but you will even be allowed to have physical contact IF THE RESIDENT IS VACCINATED. The visitor must wear a surgical mask the entire time. There are other rules/limitations as well, we will inform you of these rules as we get closer to the opening.

We are excited about these new developments and are eager to get them implemented. The residents have been denied visits for over a year now, except for a small summer respite when gazebo visits were permitted. This past winter was tough on them and they can finally once again enjoy family and friends. We only hope that we will only move forward from here.

We look forward to greeting visitors "inside" Leisure Chateau in the very near future. For now, please take advantage of the outdoor gazebo visitation by emailing

I wish you all a very happy and healthy Holiday.


Shimi Falik, LNHA