Since May, the Activities staff has completed over 3200 combined gazebo, window, zoom, and facetime calls with resident families and friends!


Please see documents below for all policies for Emergent Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) - (Outbreak Response Plan)

Any questions, concerns and complaints regarding the outbreak response plan can go directly to the facility and speak to the receptionist and she will direct you to the appropriate department.

We also encourage you to leave a voicemail of all questions, concerns, and complaints at (732) 592 - 9403 or e-mail

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!

Current Cases at Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center: 0 resident 0 staff

Dear Families,

Good Afternoon to ALL! It has been a long time since we have reported a COVID-19 update- all has been quiet and well! Our staff continues to exhibit extreme dedication to our residents which have gotten us through these past many months! Yesterday, we had an employee, who has tested antigen positive for COVID-19; this employee has not been in the building since 8/12/21. This places us in an investigatory period and we are currently working in conjunction with Ocean County Health Department and Department of Health; current guidance is for ALL EMPLOYEES and RESIDENTS- vaccinated and/or unvaccinated- ALL MUST be tested this week and next- we need 2 rounds of negative testing-results of both residents and employees will guide us to further testing requirements. During this investigative stage, the State requires that all visitations be stopped, both indoors and outdoors. If all goes well and there are no further positive results, visitation may be reopened in certain areas of the building. When we have a change/update, we will inform you.

THANK YOU to all of our families and those who have allowed their loved ones to become vaccinated AND those who have signed up for our next clinic which is scheduled for August 24, 2021with Specialty Rx. If you have not signed up, please reconsider.

Our continued THANKS AND APPRECIATION for all you do!

Shimi Falik