Cardiac Rehab Services

Cardiac Rehab Services

At Leisure Chateau, we recognize the inherent risk factors in recovery from serious heart events, particularly for chronic coronary heart disease patients. That’s why Leisure Chateau is among the area’s only sub acute rehab facilities to offer Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring during rehabilitation.

Upon admission, each patient undergoes a thorough medical history and physical exam, as well as an ECG and pertinent cardiovascular exam. Based on the assessment results, referred patients are initiated into our Telemetry Monitoring Rehabilitation program.

For the duration of the program, round-the-clock telemetry monitoring is administered seven days a week via remote telemetry. Through a series of electrode transmitters worn by the patient, the telemetry monitor allows for constant unobtrusive supervision by an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified Tech, monitoring heart rate, cardiac rhythms, and immediate detection of any abnormalities or arrhythmias.

Leisure Chateau’s entire cardiac rehab program is under the Direction of a top-rated, board certified cardiologist.

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