Huntington's Disease Care in Lakewood, NJ

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We have a specialized Huntington's Disease Unit that provides around the clock service here at Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center. We are proud to be one of the only specialized units in the country that provide care uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual with Huntington's Disease.

Our expertise enables us to enhance and maximize the quality of life in a safe, secure environment overseen by our interdisciplinary team. Contact us today at 732.370.8600 to learn more about the care we can provide for you or your loved ones.

Meet Our Huntington's Disease Specialist

Dr. Michael McCormick of Rowan

As a host to the largest Huntington Disease population throughout New Jersey, Leisure Chateau has pioneered and developed a unique care and activity program geared specifically for our Huntington Disease residents.

Our specialty service care program is administered under the auspices of Dr. Michael McCormick of Rowan , one of the leading medical authorities on the specialized care and treatment of HD.

Leisure Chateau's therapists and staff are intimately familiar with the special needs and accommodations for the various stages of this degenerative condition.

We are proud to host the official bi-monthly support group of the New Jersey chapter of the Huntington Disease Society of America.

Huntington's Disease Program

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Here at Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center, we provide a comprehensive, resident driven program that understands and designs a care plan based on the resident's individual preferences and needs. We offer comfort, safety, security and consideration to ensure our residents entire emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are meet.

  • Board Certified medical director with over 20 years of experience working with Huntington's Disease patients and families
  • Consulting team from HD Family Service Center (Rutgers) that includes a geneticist, psychiatrist, neurologist, social worker and RN
  • Therapy department available 7 days a week with PT, OT, and Speech Therapy specially trained and experienced in treating the special problems associated with HD.
  • Dietician and food service department knowledgeable in the importance of maintaining caloric intake as well as dietary consistencies
  • Psychotherapists available weekly for emotional support
  • 3 full time social workers available daily for resident and family support
  • RN's, LPN's and CNA's with 20 years experience and expertise dealing with all aspects of the disease and it's symptoms
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping departments knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of safety intervention to protect the residents in their personal space.

Huntington's Disease News & Information

Multidisciplinary Treatment of People With Huntington's Disease

Understanding the patients, their needs and successful interventions.

Learn about this unique patient population from healthcare professionals at a long-term care nursing unit that has 35 patients with Huntington's disease.

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